Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Public Enemy of All Mankind"!

After Christian Dior dropped Sharon Stone from its ads in China, Stone released a statement saying she is "deeply sorry" for her claim that the earthquakes were the result of karma (defined as "When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you").

The official Chinese Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary that Stone is the "public enemy of all mankind."

I hate Stone as much as the next person with a eyes and a brain, but "public enemy of all mankind" seems a tad exaggerated. She's simply not that important.


729 said...

And the Chinese are wrong???!?!

Seriously, profound stupidity, writ large on the world stage, perhaps should designate people "public enemies of all mankind." The problem is that no one individual can be "the" PEAM. PEAMs are many, varied and collectively insure Doom.

729 said...

By the way, I just read a contender term for your request for 2008 equivalent of a yuppie:
“BoBo” (bourgeois bohemian).

Spiros said...


I think you're right: there is no PEAM-property that all PEAMs have in common. It's a family-resemblance thing (gee... here the one place where Wittgenstein isn't useless...).

As for BoBo-- it's pretty good.

Santa said...

729: I like "trustafarians" as a term for the trust fund young people who produce no value to society and just sponge off their parents.

Spiros: Yes, the Chinese do have a way with hyperbole. If you peruse Xinhua's English language website regularly, you will be in for a treat in a similar way whenever anyone offends China's reputation.

Spiros said...

"Trustafarians" is nice! But BoBos has its virtues too: the bohemian bouregois are (self) deluded.