Tuesday, June 3, 2008

DOOM, International Edition

Do not miss this story about a schoolteacher named Fan in China who, when the earthquake struck, ran full speed out of his classroom without telling his students to evacuate or even bothering to see if his students were following. When asked why he didn't see the children out, Fan replied:

I have never been a brave man and I'm only really concerned about myself.

When asked whether he feels guilty about abandoning a classroom filled with children, Fan's response is:

I didn't cause the earthquake, so I have no reason to feel guilty

When asked to comment on the case of another teacher, named Mr. Tan, who died while shielding 4 of his pupils, all of whom survived, Fan replied:

If every teacher was like Mr Tan, then we'd have no more heroes.

So much doom... I don't even know where to begin. Because he didn't cause the quake, he has no reason to feel ashamed for leaving a room filled with kids to fend for themselves? What the fuck is that? Urgh... sickness.

We're doomed.


Santa said...

Having travelled quite a bit in China and having dealt with people who are in that version of "fly over" country (e.g. not from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, or Guangzhou), I can tell you that once you leave the big cities, this type of "doom" or "extreme personal interest" mindset is prevalent among the people.

I remember a roving motorcycle bandit team in the countryside hacked off a woman's arm while speeding by just to get her pocketbook and nobody did anything to stop the motorcycle and apprehend the bandits. The woman ultimately died while waiting for the ambulance. All over a pocketbook this was done.

Spiros said...

Wow. Wild shit. Fuckin' commies.

Santa said...

Just a different value system as far as the value of human life other than one's self is at play. One would think that a segment of the rural population has read Machiavelli or Hobbes and taken the worst lessons of it to heart.

That said though, there are wonderful people that are my friends there, but it really is a dangerous place. I highly recommend everyone spend some time in the countryside as well as the cities in China and not as part of a tour group. Some of the abject poverty in parts of the country make the choices in Les Miserables seem rather quaint.

Spiros said...


Wild. There's a documentary about to come out about the building of that gigantic dam. Looks like the place is doomed.