Thursday, June 12, 2008


We're one week into the official presidential race, and, as we all expected, things are getting excessively nasty. A major political magazine has called for Obama to produce proof that he was born in the US! And now a notorious right-wing radio blowhard idiot claims that there's audio of Ms. Obama using the word "whitey." Of course, all of this is symbolic, perhaps better described as subliminal: the message is that Obama isn't "one of us." Racist bullshit.

The Obama folks have launched a website to combat this nonsense: Fight the Smears. It's the right thing to do. But it's sad to see that it has come to this. And so early in the race. The next several months-- until November at least-- will be nauseating.

We're doomed.


729 said...

Doomed. Yes, we are.
The first things I thought of when I heard that Rush Limbaugh was claiming he had this tape were Al Franken's _Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them_ and, of course, _Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot_. It is terrifying that Limbaugh has *any* popular credibility, and that, really nothing, nothing whatsoever, whether plain common sense, serious exposes, humorous exposes or his own hypocritical actions, has changed anything about this.

The next several months promise unbearable idiocies. Doom-Alert has been raised from red to infra-red.

Santa said...

Indeed. It's clssic in-group/out-group personal dynamics being played here just writ large with Obama. I think Obama is a smart guy and has some very compelling views on a number of issues the country faces.

Likewise, such frightening statements by McCain as where he claims not to know how to work a computer ( get little play in the press. It should be frightening in 2008 that a person campaining for president should not know how to use a device that most people use at work in one form or another whether in an office, a store, or even at the mechanic's shop.

Spiros said...


Yes. The election season promises to be unbearable in its lowness. Isn't there a quiet island a bunch of us can go to until November??

I think we'll need a new catergory of DOOM" "Inadvertent Proof that Plato Was Right about Democracy." OK?

Spiros said...


Right. McCain looks like a Stepford Wife. The manic chuckle he performs after saying something unfunny is horrifying.

drunk in ice cold justice said...


I think you might be mistaken. McCain = Stepford Politician, Stepford Wife.

musta drank more ice cold justice than i thought..... said...

that don't make cents.

729 said...

"Inadvertent Proof that Plato Was Right about Democracy" ...Priceless

Santa said...

Spiros: Another great site for parsing the mud being slung in this campaign:

I agree about McCain. Hopefully the children of democracy don't start the slide to despotism, Socrates could only shake his head.

Spiros said...

ice cold:

Try this: Stepford Bitch

Spiros said...


I know the factcheck site. Good resource.