Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fuck the Police

From the Chicgo Sun Times (with thanks to 729):

A Chicago Police officer has been suspended and ordered into counseling after she was found guilty of demanding free Starbucks coffee from six different stores on the North Side from 2001 to 2004, sometimes flashing her badge, displaying her gun and screaming at employees.


In related news, I see that Sting survived the (allegedly) final show of the Police reunion tour, which took place on August 7 at Madison Square Garden . Which of you jerks dropped the ball?


Glaucon said...

This strains credulity. Starbucks??!? Now, if it'd happened at a Dunkin Donuts, I'd believe it.

Spiros said...


Excellent point!!

Santa said...

Apparently the cop was a yuppie or had fine taste in coffee otherwise the cop would have hit up McDonalds.

Spiros said...

I'm told that McD's coffe is top-notch. I hate the place so much that I've never tried it. But I know reliable people who swear by it.

Santa said...

McD's coffee is good in a North East US type of diner style. Unfortunately the siren's song at Starbucks for me are those Caramel Frappacinos and other such sugery garbage for when Caffiene alone will not accelerate my heart rate enough. If McDonalds ever started to make those kinds of drinks, I think I would ditch Starbucks in a second.

Spiros said...


I roll straight-up black these days. No frills.