Friday, August 29, 2008


No doubt some will think that it should come as no surprise that the people running the McCain campaign are incompetent morons. For those not yet convinced of this, the pen above supplies some confirmation: Student's For McCain!

The pic has been corrected at the McCain online shop. But I know people who have the uncorrected pens.

Is it too much to ask of people that they learn the difference between possessives, contractions, and plurals?


Krinos said...

Their is only one mistake more damning of one's English competency. (ahem)

Spiros said...


BTW: Yesterday I saw in a fast-food place a sign saying:

"We Sincerely Thank You For Not Smoking."

This strikes me as incoherent. The speech act of thanking has as sincerity as a success condition. *Sincerely thanking* is like *honestly telling the truth*. View?

krinos said...

I suppose the implication is that there are plenty of store owners who insincerely thank their patrons for not smoking (or whatever they've asked them not to do). The thought might go: you insincerely thank someone for doing something they ought to do anyways (like not beating your kid while standing in line to order), but you sincerely thank someone for doing something that is really going above and beyond (like not smoking... or masturbating in public... you know, things that require real self-control). So it follows that not smoking is something that deserves praise and sincere thanks. Maybe they should give rewards!

That said, it does seem, well, insincere to call attention to how sincerely one is thanking. Making a big show of sincerity is evidence of insincereity, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Misunderstanding Jedi Mind Trick you are:

"These are not the droids we're looking for...."


Student is for McCain
Student is for McCain
Student's for McCain

High Jedi competence it is Skywalker.

Spiros said...

Krinos: "Making a big show of sincerity is evidence of insincerity, isn't it?"


Is an insincere thanking a thanking?

Spiros said...

ANON 11:52:

Good point about the Jedi Mind Trick.

Btw: The Jedi are villains of the Star Wars films.

English Jerk said...

There's a simple explanation for this pen: its target market is those whose first name is "Student," as in "Hey Student, get that pen out of your nose and open your fucking book!"

Excuse me: it's target market...

Spiros said...

English Jerk:


Santa said...

Maybe this is just ingenious marketing on the part of the McCain campaign knowing their demographic.

The type of voter they are looking to recruit is one of limited intellectual rigor. From his speeches, it seems the McCain voter is also swayed by the following rhetorical key words as reduced from McCain's speeches:

noun - verb - POW
noun - verb - strong America
noun - verb - God

Of course I could be reading too much into this.

krinos said...

Oh yes, the Jedi are the villans! A shadow theocracy with veto power over a raucous democracy is in need of an army of clones descending on them with phasers ablaze. Wait... phasers?

729 said...

Am I the only one who noticed that the color of the Students for McCain Pen, dayglo-green, is probably as close as one can get to a Rave glow stick.? The online store also offers students ('s?) tee-shirts and buttons advertising "John McCain is my Facebook Friend."

What's next? CAN i HAZ A MCCAIN?

(By the way, The Obama online store only offers a pen in navy blue, not specifically targeting Ravers. And has no gear alluding to Myspace and Facebook)

Santa said...

@ Spiros: It's odd that the Jedi were the bigger villains of the Star Wars trilogy, kind of a genetic version of the divine right of kings with those midi-chlorians.

However another thought occurred to me after viewing the "new" trilogy" again. What if the reaction of the Bush administration to 9/11 was the Clone Wars? Even though 2 of the 3 scripts pre-dated 9/11, there is a core message I think Lucas was trying to get at with those plots and failed at miserably in warning people to be circumspect of the hidden agendas of leaders.

Glaucon said...

I think this is known as "the grocer's apostrophe" in some sociolinguistic circles. And I think I've finally found a name for my band: The Grocery Store Apostrophe's.
Rock on!

PS There's a longish piece about your favorite band in today's NYT (

Anonymous said...

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