Friday, July 31, 2009

Sorry for the Delay, Please Fuck Off

I just got an email from a student who was on the job market last year. He today got a PFO from a university he'd applied to back in October.

Is that worse than getting no reply at all? Yeah, I think so.


Tod said...

Oh, no way is that worse than no letter at all! What better way to gear up for the coming madness of what looks to be the worst job market in years than a reminder of last year's failures!

(I'm assuming the student did not get a job. PFOs are just irrelevant to those who got TT jobs.)

Spiros said...


No, the student got a TT job. PFOs are irrelevant to people with jobs, but for one to come in JULY is just crazy pants.

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that this is not very unusual in my experience. To everyone who sends these things out after the Spring semester ends, you should know what assholes you are.

729 said...

Time of Late Reply
(to the tune of Nick Drake's "Time of No Reply")

Summer was here and my mood was down,
Time to reach for the Royal Crown,
Looked through mail and I had to sigh,
There was a note of late reply.

Semester passed and the kids went home,
I was left to my research all alone,
I’d wrote them off without wondering why,
Suddenly finding their late reply.

The note of late reply is really pretty lame,
It’s Xeroxed and unsigned,
And even misspells my name…

It had seemed that my file had just went away,
Although they’d kept it safe through the month of May.
And they thought to thank me in July,
Sending a note of late reply.

Time went by, it was quite a year,
They wished me well and a good career,
You’d think that somebody would realize:
Why bother sending such late replies?

The note of late reply is really pretty lame,
Rejection it can’t hide,
While passive voice shifts the blame…

Platowe said...

Excellent 729!!!

The Brooks Blog said...


Glaucon said...


Are you channeling Major Clipton?