Friday, November 27, 2009

List of Canceled Searches

Gathering data from the post below, here's a list of officially canceled searches. Please let me know as others cancel (info about AOS might be helpful, too)-- I'd like to keep track.

1. Illinois Wesleyan University
2. Concordia University
3. University of Leeds

Not a long list (yet), but given the overall paucity of jobs this year, three canceled searches has a significant impact, especially if any of these jobs was in an AOS that's especially underrepresented in the overall openings.

Expect a gloomy scene in New York.


Anonymous said...

Job Wiki is listing University of Maine Farmington as canceled.

Anonymous said...

Someone on the wiki claims to have confirmed this with a phone call to University of Maine at Farmington. See

Anonymous said...

Hofstra is gone, too.

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