Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oral Roberts Posse

Oral Roberts has a posse.

Happy holidays to all.


Glaucon said...

"Roberts overcame tuberculosis at age 17, when his brother carried him to a revival meeting where a evangelist was praying for the sick. Roberts said he was healed of the illness and his stuttering."

Simultaneously cured of tuberculosis and a stutter! Sweet Jesus! (How ironic: a stutterer named 'Oral'.)
Jesus really was a friend of his

Platowe said...

We owe a great debt to Oral--he really was the first to envision the use of media to reach a wide audience to spread spirituality. Quite an achievement.

Except: for "owe" insert "pay"; for "to", "for"; for "reach", "exploit"; for "spirituality", "his own form of horrendous self-aggrandizing extortion by imposing guilt on people to force them to pay modern indulgences for sin".

And for "an", "a"; "achievement"--"shame, shame, abject shame".

Anonymous said...

He's up there w/ 900 foot Jesus now.

Anonymous said...

Hey... you seem familiar. Are you my copy editor???

Anonymous said...

Glaucon, your link induced a goddamned snorting guffaw. And I'm pretty sure the fancy dancing guitar player was either Aaron Ruell or Christopher Guest.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, except for the theme of comically yet tragically bad leadership:

I've been thinking about WHY the APA so often drops, or never even catches, the ball. The folks who sit as presidents, committee chairs, committee members, are mostly good, sometimes very good, philosophers. Is it that they're too busy doing philosophy to care about their APA work? Is it that philosophers are by nature bad administrators? Or is there something else at work: some bit of APA institutional culture, or even academic philosophical culture, which contributes to the widely panned behavior of the APA?

Anonymous said...

Watch Oral on Oral (talk about irony!)


Spiros said...

Best part about "Jesus is My Friend":

According tot eh lyric, the second benefit of befriending Jesus is that he teaches you how to handle people laughing at you.