Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greetings from Chicago

A reader writes:

Greetings from Chicago. Oxford is the only major university press that has a display in the book hall. The lobby of the Palmer House is empty. In a word: gloomy.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cheery. Why are all the APAs held (a) somewhere on the West Coast that I can't afford, (b) somewhere in the Midwest while it's cold and inhospitable, or (c) somewhere on the East Coast that I can't afford while it's cold and inhospitable?

Anonymous said...

I have this love-hate for The Palmer House.

Great looking lobby. Tommy Lee Jones never looked so good (minimal praise) while chasing Harrison Ford in The Fugitive.

No free Wi-Fi in the rooms. My iTouch actually wept--I'll be posting pictures of that with Jesus as wallpaper. Contributions welcome.

No complimentary coffee in the rooms??? When was this atrocious StarBucks commandment handed down to the Moses of APA?

Ice machines manufactured in Dante's last circle--thank you PH for that at least. But point of info PH--downsized refrigerators were invented after 1950. (Hint from Heloise: use the sink--if you can use the drain plug (see below)--to put ice and water together for a big chill basin for water bottles, yogurt, vodka shots, etc.)

My sink drain wouldn't work. I had to MacGyver it.

What an intuitive TV system menu. Ala 1981--maybe.

Oh--room (I approximate) 23-266? Close your drapes. My magnificent view isn't so much thanks to you.

And can presenters please talk faster? I say that only because the 1/10,000th of a second between words taxes my patience.

Still--I love the Central APA--how could I not go?

juniorperson said...

I just returned from what I *think* was the Central meeting.

Palmer House lobby deserted, book display deserted by major presses (with the noble exception of OUP), no session I saw attended by more than four people...

It was like walking into the philosophical equivalent of the first few scenes of *28 Days Later*.

Someone please tell me my experience was anomalous?

Anonymous said...

That's "28 Days Leiter".

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the C-APA, and though it was pretty much empty, I got to witness two things that will likely be among my top-ten APA memories for a long time. 1. An audience member at a session I attended called the presenter a 'logic chopper' for presenting a counter-example to what was ostensibly a universally quantified claim. When the presenter responded that claims like that have to pass the test of cases or else they're false, he didn't seem fazed. There was also some shouting, but it didn't come to much. And 2. An exchange between two philosophers, one male the other female, wherein the male, without exception, interrupted the female before she'd finish even one sentence, held forth for long periods, and (here's the kicker) kept gesticulating in her face so that she kept having to take a step or two back every minute or so. He then finally got distracted by some other fellow walking by and just walked away from her. She just shrugged, shook her head, and walked off.