Sunday, February 21, 2010


A reader writes:
I hope you will agree to post this to PhilAanon. I'm just back from the non-event that was the Central APA. It was dismal in all the to-be-expected ways. But it was also dismal in a way I did not expect: no one showed up for the Smoker. Ok. That's an exaggeration. People were there. But very few. Even on the night with the free crap beer. Maybe 30 people at that height of the evening. Serious. Overall attendance at the conference was probably on the low side of normal. So what explains the graveyard at the Smoker? Where did people go instead?


Anonymous said...

God, I hope this becomes a trend.

I can see how people with, you know, jobs might enjoy the occasion to catch-up with old friends and what have you. But if you're on the market, then having to be at the smoker most likely sucks.

crito said...

It was a lot more than thirty at the free beer smoker -- I was there at about 9:30 and I'd say there were close to a hundred. Still, it was very empty compared to the average year. The entire convention seemed quite empty relative to other years.

By the way, I got a report from an exec committee member, who tells me that for the next five years the rotation will be:

2011 Minneapolis
2012 Chicago
2013 New Orleans
2014 Chicago
2015 St. Louis

Now I can't recall whether Chicago is already plugged in for 2016. I thinks so. Also, I understand they have not yet decided which month to have it in Chicago. Minneapolis will be April. (Feb. in New Orleans would be nice!)

Anonymous said...

Knowing the APA... they'll schedule it during Mardi Gras weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that would be awesome!!!
Oh, except, nobody would come to my paper. But it would be worth it. Of course, the rooms will be expensive. But it will be worth it.

klaus said...

Peter Ludlow rented out a room (actually, 4 connected rooms) with a private bar at the House of Blues the same night. Approximately 120 people were there at the height of the evening. It was an open event on facebook.

729 said...

I guess we all have to friend Peter Ludlow!

Pape Blong said...

Holy shit Ludlow stomped the smoker