Sunday, October 24, 2010

Best Ad in the JFP

The University of St. Thomas (#101) gets my vote for Best Ad of the October JFP. Consider the following sentence:
Applicants should have outstanding reasoning, teaching, and writing skills, and the virtues of collegiality.
That renders 95% of the profession ineligible for the position.


Anonymous said...

I just wish they'd asked for 'evidence of virtue'.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that outstanding reasoning skills and collegiality are contradictory in almost all departmental settings.

Spiros said...

3:43: Fucking genius. And absolutely correct.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all just get along?

Oh that's right--it's Spiros' blog!

But I'd argue against 3:43's take: they are contraries, not contradictory. I've seen plenty of instances of both being false.

Anonymous said...

I was an adjunct at the St. Paul St. Thomas -- and, the department was pretty collegial when I was there.

It is kind of like them to include it in the ad --

Anonymous said...

I second the "fucking genius" award for 3:43. (In his comment 3:43 demonstrated both outstanding reasoning skills and collegiality.)

Anonymous said...

2:01 here. The above should read "in his or her comment."

Anonymous said...

How about evidence of collegiality, 2:49?

I mean, many people I know have been taking the Autism Spectrum Quotient test on Facebook (thus causing me to reconsider my acquaintance with them, but that's beyond the point). The philosophers seem to be scoring a lot worse, in general.

Maybe SCs can start requiring proof that one's Autism Spectrum Quotient is average or better than average. (The less autistic, the better!)