Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mild JFP Amusements

I was reading the latest "web-only" [sic] ads this morning, and found the Rhodes College ad amusing. After describing the position-- which is some kind of Chair in the Humanities-- the ad goes on to say a few things about Rhodes College. Then it says a few things about Memphis:

Memphis has a metropolitan population of over one million and is the nation’s 18th largest metropolitan area. The city provides multiple opportunities for research and for cultural and recreational activities. Read more about Memphis.
Surely the "read more about Memphis" was supposed to include a link to a site about the city. But, in the absence of the link, the sentence reads like a warning. Like I said, mildly amusing.


Glaucon said...

Did I forget to mention,
forget to mention Memphis?
Home of Elvis
and the ancient Greeks!

What do I smell?
I smell home-cooking.
It's only the river,
it's only the river.

Spiros said...

Glaucon: That made my day!

Walking over to my CD player (old-fashioned, I know) right now to put on FoM.....

PA said...

When you described this ad/post as providing *mild* amusement you weren't kidding.

Anonymous said...

Cheese that mild is butter...

Anonymous said...

What's the one between "mild" and "not amusing at all"?