Friday, May 27, 2011



From the Reviews:

"I thoughtthe books was good, but I have read beter."


Euthyphronics said...

Ahh, J. H. Beter. One of the better authors of the last century, albeit with a penchant for bloated prose.

Anonymous said...

You seldom see such frank admissions of weakness from a reviewer. It's too bad about his decline in reading ability, though. I wonder if he also used to write better?

Anonymous said...

At my small college in Arkansas, one of the curmudgeonly English professors used to give dramatic readings from this book that would leave everyone howling with laughter. When he died recently, I looked up the book to see whether it was still in print. Anyway, buy it, and find the poem about the Brussels sprouts. It's a gem to brighten your day. This does make me wonder whether I know you, though.