Monday, May 30, 2011

Westboro Vs. KKK

Protesting members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church were met with an unlikely group of counter-protesters Monday at Arlington Cemetery.

Hours before President Barack Obama led the nation's Memorial Day observances at the Tomb of the Unknowns, three members of the Westboro Baptist Church were challenged by others who disagreed with them -- including members claiming to be from the Ku Klux Klan.

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Anonymous said...


I don't need nobody!


And not that somebody!


Don't know I need someone!


When I was stupid and I thought that God would hate--

Not just anybody, but just those who are gay--

I knew of assholes who would show at funerals--

And be met by other assholes
just as miserable!

Phelps me if you want I'm goin' down,
and I don't deserve those fuckers being 'round,

Send the kkk to my death mound--

Won't they please please please me
by death all around? Oooo.

Glaucon said...

10:13 -


Anonymous said...

Members of the group declined to say whether they were armed.

Spiros, are you armed? Or do you "decline to say"?

Anonymous said...

FUCK the kkk! period.

Anonymous said...

How many KKK assholes do you need to screw in a bedroom lightbulb? None. They don't want to see the look on their sisters face.

Anonymous said...

Facts about the KKK.

They are all homosexuals. A recent poll taken in Mississippi revealed that all male Klansmen prefer anal sex, with the same gender, preferably family .

You have to be missing at least one tooth in order to join the Klan. The more missing teeth, the better.

The Klan views the public school system as evil and corrupt. In other words, the less educated you are, the more pure you are.

A recent poll reveals that most Klansmen regularly enjoy chocolate. Who would have guessed that one?

The recent census revealed that all Klansmen used the same name when referring to their mother and sister.

A recent poll indicates that most Klansmen utter, "Oh Tyrone" in their sleep.

Anonymous said...

All male KKK members have fantasies about being anally penetrated by Adolph Hitler. In their minds, the only way to be truly supreme is to have white sprayed directly on their prostrates.

Anonymous said...

Most Klan members think that George Jefferson was a President. The rest were unsure, about anything...

Most Klan members think chocolate milk comes from Jersey cows.

The most commonly uttered word in the adult vocabulary in a time of crisis is "Momma". In the Klan world, it's "Sister".

Anonymous said...

Mississippi is the most inbred state in all of the inbred states of America. All Klan members either have same gender sex or incest sex. This is a well proven, documented fact. George W. Bush enjoyed being double tapped in the ass. And he was a secret member of the Klueless fucking Klan. He used the N word three times on public television during his reign of terror.

Anonymous said...

Why do most skinhead white supremacists shave their heads? It's a phallic symbol. It says, "I like it in the ass. Come use mine as a big boys playground." " I really enjoy blowing cum bubbles when I fart."

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