Thursday, December 8, 2011

ED and the APA

The APA is looking to do something about its ED problem....


The American Philosophical Association (APA) is searching for a new Executive Director (ED). The ED is Chief Administrative Officer of the APA and represents the APA to learned societies, foundations, and other national and international groups. The ED also serves as the head of the APA's National Office, which is located at the University of Delaware, and manages its day-to-day operations. The ED is responsible for APA publications and its website and supports the national committees of the APA, the three Divisions of the APA (each of which is responsible for hosting an annual convention), and the Board of Officers of the APA (including preparing its meeting agendas in consultation with its Chair). The ED works with the Finance Coordinator and the APA Treasurer to prepare draft budgets for approval by the Board and to oversee APA investments, and reports regularly to the Treasurer and the Board Chair on ongoing financial operations and budget compliance. The ED reports to the Chair of the Board of Officers and keeps the Board Chair informed about the execution of routine business and proposes and discusses new initiatives for the APA. The ED will work with the Board and its Chair in considering and, if appropriate, implementing changes in the organization, activities and responsibilities of the Board of Officers and of the National Office.

The ED plays a leading role in development activities of the APA and the efforts of the APA toward increasing inclusiveness and diversity in the profession. The ED must have the experience and skills needed to manage the complex operations of a major non-profit organization and should also have some background in or familiarity with the philosophy profession, though an advanced degree in philosophy is not required. We are aiming at an appointment that begins August 1, 2012. Salary and term commensurate with experience.

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