Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"I Am the Table!"

Far worse than you thought it could be....


Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know there are some who hold that this isn't a big deal. And I know that in this already thin market, the Post-Eastern job market will be negligible anyway. But nonetheless I think it's stupid that the APA does not coordinate its JFP publish dates with its meeting dates.

The Central Division meets February 15-18, and the third JFP publishes on Feb 22. So: no interviews at the Central.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

R.E.M. Posse

R. E. M. has a posse.

Thank goodness. It's about two decades too late. 1988 was pretty much the end, in my view.

Let's hope that the breakup gives Michael Stipe the time to finally learn how to go away. (And Maybe Peter Buck can get some guitar lessons.)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tom Wilson Posse

Tom Wilson, the creator of Ziggy, has a posse.


Alternative to the JFP

David Morrow writes:
Chris Sula and I have revamped the Phylo site to create a new, publicly available jobs board to (ahem) supplement the JFP. The URL is As of today, we'll start accepting job postings from departments at no charge. Following Harry Brighouse's suggestion on Leiter's blog, though, we're requiring a link to an external site (e.g., an announcement on the department's web site) to verify each post's authenticity.
Anyone with questions or concerns about the jobs board is welcome to email us at

Now all we need is an alternative to the APA...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

JFP: A Serious Suggestion

That the APA can't seem to get a minimally decent website is perhaps to be expected give the organization's long track record for clueless bumble-fuckwittery. But the truly unbelievable part is that the new webshite sucks so bad that departments still cannot place JFP ads online.

Let me venture a bleak, but I think sound, prediction: The APA webshite will crash within hours of the October JFP going online (if indeed it ever does go online....). And no one at the APA will know what to do about it.

So here's a rare serious suggestion. Why doesn't someone with a sufficiently respectable (hence not me) and visible online presence set up an ad hoc blog where departments can post their job ads? This would not seek to undermine the JFP, but rather ensure that job ads get out to those who need them. A simple post on Leiter or New APPS inviting departments to post their job ads would probably suffice to get most of what's to be in the JFP out there and in view of job seekers. The hosting blog could use the norm of "no anonymous posts" to help ensure that the information is valid. This would be roughly equivalent to what departments do when they post their job ads to the various philosophy listservs. The main (and crucial) difference would be that the blog posts would be all in one place and searchable.

Ours is a profession which endorses a job seeking process that even under the best conditions is nothing short of sadistic. Given the fragility and stupidity of the APA site, and the general disorder that prevails in everything the APA does, this market season is likely to be even more taxing on the already rattled psyches of the talented and unemployed. Maybe implementing the suggestion above would help make this year's job market a little less insane? Any takers?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

APA Gripes

I'm back from travels, and think it might be fun to have a thread documenting some of the worst experiences with (and biggest gripes against) the APA. Bring it.

An anonymous commenter on the previous thread reminds us of this unbelievable episode:
For me, the all-time classic APA moment came a couple of years ago when they held the Pacific in Vancouver. The idiots came all the way from Delaware to collect their fees (well, some of them actually came from Delaware), but they neglected to work out a way to accept Canadian money. Even though it was, you know, in Canada and all that. [....]

So, since understanding the details of an exchange rate -- or having someone else determine what the three fees would come to in Canadian dollars and writing them up for the fucktards behind the desk -- was too much for them, they just straight-up demanded that anyone paying cash go out and find US currency somewhere (at the dismal rates of exchange one finds at currency exchanges for tourists) so that we could attend the APA in our own city.

Beyond the stupidity of the whole thing, I was particularly impressed by the stubborn-headedness exhibited by those behind the desk who just calmly repeated to the throngs of people who threatened the APA with legal action, etc. that it's an American organization so it makes sense that it should only accept American currency from Canadians while it does business in Canada.

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Month Later....

It has been more than a full month since the APA began rolling out its new webpage. And guess what? It's still not fully functional. And it still is embarrassingly clunky and disordered.

Who takes more than a month to update a webpage? Who takes down the old webpage before the new one is ready to go? What the hell are they doing?

I love how proud they are of the fact that it's now possible to pay dues online (welcome to the 1990s, guys!). You can't stop progress.