Monday, April 9, 2012

APA Session Rule #1

After the session, get out of the fucking room.


Anonymous said...

This rule applies to classes, too.

Glaucon said...

Amen, brother! I was at a session Saturday that ran to the hour, then the panelists stood about yammering and chit-chatting for five or ten minutes, so the next got off to a late start.

It's a sort of sessional solipsism: my session is the only session that exists.

Solutions include polite reminders, clear requests to leave, session chairs undergoing spine-enhancement (or implementation) therapy, and, finally, releasing the hounds -- literally.

Anonymous said...

APA session rule #2:

You cannot begin your response in defense of well-known contemporary philosophers with "I know them, and . . . "

Anonymous said...

On Glaucon's observation, I have to fault the session chair. Only once have I seen a session chair exercise the proper discipline over the session, getting things started on time, calling the paper when it was threatening to go long, moderating the discussion with a firm hand, and getting everyone out when it was over. She got quite a nasty look from one fellow who was nigh-outraged when she cut him off. She had warned him five minutes prior, but he made no effort to bring his paper to a close, perhaps never imagining that anyone would choose to do something other than listen to him keep talking. If I hadn't already been spoken for, I would have proposed to her right then. The lesson, I suppose, is that there's something to be said for fundamentalist Mormonism.