Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Doom in Seattle

Let the reports of DOOM begin....


PA said...

Any elevator conversations to report, Spiros?

Anonymous said...

No online advance registration = 2 hour wait time for on site registration

Anonymous said...

The line on Wednesday was hideous, but for Thursday, they added a check-in line for cash-only/members and students, and the lines disappeared.

Glaucon said...

I was at a session at which the paper criticized Big Shot Contemporary Philosopher's interpretation of Historically Great Philosopher's view of x. At one point, commentator reveals that he hasn't actually read BSCP on HGP. Doom?

On the upside, I had an amazing waffle this morning at a tiny waffle-only place a few blocks from the Westin.

So, today was a wash, doom-wise (or maybe even a plus, so doom-mitigating was that waffle).

Anonymous said...

I love how they complain that a quarter of those attending past meetings didn't register, then made it absurdly hard to register on site. It makes it that much harder for those of us who paid to grumble about the free-riders.

On the other hand, probably should have known the "we'll be checking badges" threat was empty. Imagine the horror stories:
APA Official: Your badge, please.
Presenter: I'm presenting in ten minutes.
A: Your badge, please.
P: The line is two hours long.
A: I guess you should've thought of that before you junked your fax machine in the '90s.