Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crap Websites

I was just doing something that required me to look up the contact information (email, phone, and ground mail address) of several fairly well-known philosophers, all of whom are at fairly well-known universities.  I was shocked to find that for many of these people, their departmental webpages completely suck.  I'm not talking website aesthetics here, by the way.  I mean that the pages either do not list the faculty member's complete contact information at all, or they do list it but have it located across multiple pages so that, for example, one has to go to one page for an email address and another for a ground mail address.  What the hell?


Anonymous said...

They probably think you subscribe to the ever-relevant Directory of American Philosophers and shouldn't need them newfangled interwebs.

My department just had a discussion about whether to continue to subscribe or to use that $200 for something useful and not completely redundant. It was a spirited debate until, grandpa-Simpson-like, those arguing for subscribing suddenly fell asleep,

Anonymous said...

The whole goddamn world is just against you Spiros

Anonymous said...

A minimally descent professional web page should have:
2)mail, email, and office phone number (none of those stupid links making someone use a form to send an email! Just put the email address there.)
3) A short biography noting research and teaching interests
4) A CV, updated at least once a year. (This assumes the person does at least one thing a year.) The CV should not be a word document.
A better page would include
5) A picture that is less than 10 years old (prospective students want to know if you'll die soon!)
6) Links to some papers

Anonymous said...

This pretty much sums it up:

Anonymous said...

The CV should not be a word document.

C'mon, if it's not in Word, then how can you add fun things to it?!

"Fellowships and Awards"
'Runner-Up in the HOT Body Contest, San Padre Island, Spring Break, 1998'

CTS said...

Why not a Word doc? (Seriously.)

Beyond that, I assume you meant 'decent' not 'descent.'

Yseult said...

Finally someone shares my pet peeve...!
It's unbelievable how unprofessional philosophers and people working in human sciences dare to appear on the internet and how many bad sites for conferences et al. are out there.
Sometime in the future good website building and the use of social media should become part of the public duties of any kind of university job.

Anonymous said...

thats so very true. i noticed.